CTF Leaderboard

I have recently been participating in the UK Governments Upskill in Cyber initiative, which I have completed my SANS GFACT and GSEC exams. As a celebration of the end of the learning part of the course they put on a Capture the Flag event for us. It was my first time participating in such and event, though I had played First Person Shooters but this is something very different. It had a range of tasks based on the skills we’d learned over months participating in the courses. Based on the general and specific cyber security skills we’d learned. As part of the course and SANS general agreements we can’t talk about specifics, so I won’t be going into detail. But I really enjoyed the experience, even though I don’t normally like competitive exercises in general these days. I managed to capture all flags and ended up finishing in fourth place, which came as quite a surprise, I though I’d likely be mid table somewhere (I think there were around 60 or so of us taking part). I’ve now signed up for two more CTF events, I’m expecting these to be more challenging, maybe I will get back into competing in thins again!