A screenshot of btop in use. While browsing the information super highway I discovered some cool new tools for Linux today. The first is a pretty slick looking top replacement called btop, it displays and information dense view of the current and ongoing systems metrics. Memory usage, RAM usage, CPU usage, and network statistics. It’s easy to navigate and can be highly cusomtisable, though I’ve found it’s default configuration to be excellent as it is.

A screenshot of blackbox terminal The second great find is a new terminal application, this one is called Black Box and it’s beautiful. It’s built from the ground up for GTK4 and it’s font rendering is a world above that of the default Gnome terminal, as well as having support for custom keyboard shortcuts too. It’s available as a flatpak or you can of course build it from source. It has experimental support for Sixel for rendering images within the terminal too, which is neat though no idea how to get it to work so far.