I am starting my journey back to work after long term illness and towards a career in cyber security. I am currently studying Computer Science with the Open University and I am on the UK governments Upskill in Cyber program to help start my career within the industry. I started this blog to document little tips and tricks I learn through my journey and projects I have built over the years. Here are my dogs.

Amy, my border collie crossed whippet. Amy, a border collie crossed whippet dog, black with white legs and stripe down her muzzle. Lying down facing you, with her mouth agape and tongue slightly light in happy anticipation for some play time.

Penny, my jack russell terrier crossed whippet. Penny, a jack russell crossed whippet dog, white with brown splotches. Sitting down, slightly askew, looking at you, expectantly, with left ear sticking out and the right ear cocked back distracted by what's behind her!