A list of useful links I find around the web and may want ot return too.

Virtualization Applications Are Not Working: What Do You Do?

An article about VMWare and Hyper-V coexisting and some solutions and fixes for issues.

Git in Two Minutes

A really good guide to git and it’s fundamental commands. Really handy as I use several regularly but most I forget every time I come back to them.

Markdown Syntax Basics

As I am new to using markdown a handy reference guide for formatting and syntax was needed. I ahve found this one well laid out and sufficiently detailed for my needs.

2FA Directory

A pretty comprehensive directory of services and which forms of two factor authorisation they support, if they support 2FA at all.

Cipher Identifier

I partisapated in a Caputure the Flag even recently, my first. While trying to solve one of the decryption challenges I found this really cool site that can attempt to identify how a cipher text was encrypted.


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